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My blog mainly focuses on the geographical aspects of world building. I'm an earth scientist, after all, so why not spread that knowledge? I'll share personal news as well, and even a writing tip once in a while.


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I cut a tendon (actually, 1.75 tendons) in my right index finger.
How? Because cake. 

So this cake of doom involved walnuts, and since the boyfriend does all the shopping, I asked him to bring some. He did. with nuts. We don't have a nutcracker. So what do you do? ask...

And it's so awesome it triggers my capslock: GO WATCH IT!!!!

Eleynah surprised me with a first 'simple' piano version over a year ago as a birthday present, if I remember correctly. Because she knew the thing I suck at the most is music, so it was the kind of gift I c...

Short throwback: DA and Ripley's (museum for super weird stuff, including art) organised this contest last year, where deviants had to make art in an odd way or with odd materials. Winner would fly to Orlando and LA to meet the Ripley team and visit one of the museums....

It’s been quiet here for some time, which means I have quite a few art and literature pieces I want to share with you! Sorry for the lack of updates.

Photo by Original Cin

Remember when I said that I would cosplay Thranduil at Elfia? Well... I didn't. The weather was too warm for a costume made of yoga mats, so I went for something completely different: my Orion dress.

I have a character with the same name, but this i...

  Art by me.

There was so much red. It could be found all over the artwork, from the curtains in the background to the contours of his face. Even his armour contained thin streaks of crimson paint, mimicking a reflection so lifelike that the painting became more than ju...

I am so excited about this news! In case you don't know: I am an artist who sometimes is open for commissions - like, once in a lifetime, because I have no time. Or a life. Anyhow, I've been hired to do cover art a couple of times, but due to random reasons I have no s...

With 'Roaming the Realms', I want to invite authors to talk about their worlds on my blog - see it as a tourist brochure for a world we will, unfortunately, never be able to visit. But Do you want to give your world a place in the spotlight? Then please contact me.

My g...

Morion is what happens when Morgan and Orion get paired together and people no longer bother to see them as two different characters anymore. However, I recently learnt that Morion is a little more than this.

I went to the Teyler's museum in the Netherlands some time ag...

Besides writing, I like to fire up my glue guns, craft costumes, and show my creations at festivals and fairs. Normally, these costumes are of my own design, and quite often, those designs get a name, a personality, and a background story. In other words, they grow int...

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