The characters


If 'silly' would have been a person, it would have looked like this. Khorrek is a scrawny little thief that thinks life shouldn't be taken too seriously. You live only once, after all. He always bears a smile and loves to be around people. His parents do not approve of his job. Khorrek thinks they did not give him much of a choice: being the youngest son of a large and rather poor family means that his future was thrown into the gutter from the moment he was born. One day though, he will get the oppertunity to become more than the silly trickster he is. The only thing he needs to do is to grow up.



Lienne is extremely kind, but also someone who could use some confidence. She is a girl that is almost old enough to be considered an adult, but looks at least four years younger. That makes her rather insecure about herself, especially since her caretaker, Selanji, is pretty much the pinnacle of femininity. She can't handle people staring at her; she is too afraid that they'll think she is odd because of her childish looks. The only moment when she feels comfortable is when she is making music; the world just seems to disappear. Music is already important to her, but she does not realise it will have a huge effect on others.



In case you were wondering where the starry theme of this site came from: you just found the reason. Orion is a sorcerer that got linked to his heavenly namesake in a way magic can't explain - and he is desperately searching for a way to get rid of it. The stars give him powers others can only dream of, but they come at a price. He wants to keep his 'gift' secret, something he is rather good at; his huge posture and piercing white eyes are usually more than enough to make people stay away from him. The few that manage to break through his walls make him realise what he values most in life - and he doesn't like the answer.



Morgan might not be the oldest of her friends, but when it comes to making decisions she often looks like it. She thinks before she acts, but relying on logic also makes her blunt when it comes to respecting someone else's feelings. Only her curiosity makes her act like a reckless child once in a while. She juggles - not just for a living, but also with her own state of mind. Logic has helped her through a tough period in her life, but it also made her stop following her heart. When she gets forced to do that again, she starts to wonder if her heart is guiding her in the right direction.



It's natural for people to not be able to like everyone around you. Rain has put that to another level: he dislikes everything walking on two legs that does not share his race. It feels normal to him though: elves never trusted any of the other races. They prefer a tree as company. It even reflects in Rain's clothes: they are made of living plants. As a result of this, Rain is a rather odd fellow to hang out with. However, when he gets in contact with non-elven folk he learns that not all of them are as bad as they seem. This is a dangerous thought; if his kin figures this out, he will have to face a fate worse than death.



Selanji is sexy and she knows it. Getting attention of the opposite sex is a well-paid hobby to her. It's even more than that: being able to pick your own bedpartner as a woman is a freedom she did not have when she was younger. Selanji was born much more to the south than where she lives now, where the roles of men and women are less equal. Her travelling to the north also has made the hot-headed woman the only one with a chocolate-brown skin in the area. She misses having a family though and has adopted Lienne to make up for it. She keeps the reason for her move to a different continent to herself - it's not something that's easy to share.



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