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You have found my site! Glad to see you here.


I’m Pam Hage, though I’m also known as Queen of Eagles (or simply Queenie), my internet alias. I use this corner of the internet to tell about my fantasy stories, crafts, and arts. I hope you'll feel at home here!

My debut novel, Stardark (Sterrenduister) will see the light of day in August 2023. It's is a standalone science-fantasy novel, where hard science clashes with magic and the divine. Exciting times! I hope you want to join me on this journey. 

Even though it feels like Stardark has completely taken over my life, I still have other hobbies. A State of Equilibrium is my epic fantasy trilogy that got me into writing. I also write short stories, make art and craft cosplays. Feel free to explore my website and discover more!

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