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Let me introduce myself: my name is Pam Hage. For some people, I'm better known as Queen of Eagles (or simply Queenie), my internet alias. Call me whatever you want.


I live in the Netherlands and have job as PhD at Utrecht University, where I study how sand goes from A to B on a beach. Some other things I do, besides getting this project on paper whatever the medium: making fantasy costumes, archery and juggling. To be more specific: devilstick juggling. It's awesome. Google it if you don't know what it is.


I started drawing dragons and unicorns as soon as I could hold a pencil. It's a hobby though, but I do commissions once in a while. In case you are interested: here you can find more information.


At a certain moment, I started drawing characters. Some of them are really old; they were my 'imaginary childhood friends'. Others were created during high school. They were terribly simple though. They had no background, no personality and sometimes didn't even have a proper name. Still, it was enough to create stories about them, which formed the basis of aSoE. I started writing it much later: 2015. 10 years after the first ideas popped up in my mind.


That took long, don't you think? I just kept all I knew of the story in my head. Then of course, I ran into the problem of forgetting things. I had to write things down. My first attempt at this was in Dutch, which looked absolutely dreadful. Things went much better in English. I still don't know why, but suddenly I could see characters coming to life, finally turning into something so much more than the flat beings they were since high school. At that moment I started to think that writing was not so hard at all!


Okay, that last statement is utter rubbish of course. Writing is hard, damn hard! But please leave the fool that I am under the impression writing is doable. It might make finishing this project a little bit easier.

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