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Other works

Once in a while, I write a short story. Most are gathering dust on my computer, but there are a few that has seen the light of day. 

Available online

Schaduw van Kennis (NL) - a crossover written with Kim ten Tusscher. Our main characters from our worlds meet, but is that a good idea?

Bite Me (EN) - this one reached third place in the Dutch Comic Con writing competition (2017) and got a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt. A brother and sister try to help their mother. And for that, they need mosquitoes. 

More stories - of varying age and quality, but still fun.

Published work

Lightcather (EN) - the super short version, as I've turned it into a regular-sized short story later. In 'Lightcatcher', the price for magic is sight. But fear not; blindness earns you a carefree life at the Sanctuary... Or at least, that's what people say... This piece can be read in 'the Ruminations of a Multiheaded Monster', an anthology with 31 great flash fiction pieces from a whole range of genres!

Winter Gardens (EN) - in this story, trees are a little more mobile than in our world. Worse, they have a will of their own. Despite that challenge, one gardener seeks to become the best in his field, but when one of his trees goes rogue, he gets famous for something else completely. This story is part of an anthology filled with fantasy-themed Christmas stories: 'A Fantasy Christmas: Tales From The Hearth'. The cover art is mine too!

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