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About 'a State of Equilibrium'


100% made of big fat fantasy novels that double as doorstoppers!



A State of Equilibrium - or aSoE - follows the adventures of six different people. Most of them live "ordinary" lives as stage artists. The story take a wrong turn when their show gets interrupted by the fantasy equivalent of a terrorist attack. To make things worse, the trio gets mistaken for Corrupted: users of evil magic who were responsible for the attack. The group flees, but an army of sorcerers is searching for them - an army many people believe to be holy. An immortal sorcerer finds the group first though. And he seeks death...

aSoE is my largest series, and also my biggest passion project. The huge pile of art I've made about it, worries me a little. The story itself is far from done, though. Only the first book of the trilogy is in a somewhat readable state, but I'm working on the second one.

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