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About 'a State of Equilibrium'


Welcome to a world you have never seen before - and neither have I, since it is still getting shaped...



This little corner of the internet is dedicated to my main story project: a State of Equilibrium - or aSoE, for people who do not like long names. 


aSoE is a fantasy trilogy that follows the adventures of six different people. Most of them live rather ordinary lives as stage artists - 'ordinary' is just a relative thing, I suppose - but things take a wrong turn when their show gets interrupted by the fantasy equivalent of a terrorist attack. To make things worse, the trio gets mistaken for Corrupted: users of evil magic who were responsible for the attack. They flee, but an army of sorcerers is searching for them - an army many people believe to be holy.


The Holy Army has been acting rather strange lately, but no one seems to know what the reason behind it is. Each character will solve a bit of this puzzle through their unique viewpoints. Together, they will find out that the army is not powered by faith alone, but by something much scarier.


Magic and wonder, but also lies and deceit are strong themes in aSoE, told through the eyes of a diverse cast who finds solving their world's problems just as hard as simply getting along with each other.


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