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About 'Stardark'


The story I never intended to write.



Stardark - or Sterrenduister, as it is a Dutch novel - is the result of a writing contest organised by Zilverspoor, a publishing house in the Netherlands that focusses on Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Horror. I don't like Dutch. I had never written a story in Dutch. So initially, I didn't want to compete. Inspiration had other plans for me, though. I'm glad that happened, because Stardark won the contest!

The novel follows Isra and her husband Haider. All stars are fading to darkness, and Isra, an astronomer, realises that the sun is about to do the same. Her warnings, however, are ridiculed by the leaders of her land; the darkness brings the Goddess, or so they say, and the Goddess brings love and prosperity. They force Isra to flee with Haider - and he brings along his severe drug addiction, amnesia,  and quite some unwanted attention of the Goddess.


Isra seeks to protect the last light of her world in a race against time. But as the shadows darken, even the astronomer has to admit that the Goddess is more than a figment of the imagination.


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