Let's get started!

Okay, so this is my first blog. I don't want this page to look empty after all. Yay for that!

So what kind of stuff can you expect to find here?

It's a blog, so I guess it allows me to give you a peek into my life. I don't want to write a 'look at me!' kind of thing though; I want it to be useful. Many writers have a blog where they share their tips and tricks and give advice to writers-to-be.

This will probably not be one of those...

I'm too much of a rookie to give advice and often have more questions than answers. But luckily, I can google. I think it will be nice to share the problems I encounter and what kind of answers I've found for them. And maybe you can help me out too. I've put a comment section at the end of each blog for a reason. Though I believe that all comments show up on every blog page. Pretty weird, I don't know how to fix that. EDIT: problem got solved, I have a different comment app now!

Oh, I almost forgot: welcome to my site! I've spent quite some time on the 'Orion-theme' of this thing, so I hope you'll like it. Please let me know if there is something that doesn't work properly or looks weird. It wouldn't surprise me if something escaped my attention.

To celebrate the launch of this site, I've hidden something here. A little Easter egg. The first one who finds it can win a free artwork commission by yours truly. Beware though: you need a DeviantArt account to claim it. Start hunting, and have fun!

best wishes,

Pam/Queen of Eagles

#welcome #blog #new #newsite #looks #advice

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