Morion exists!

Morion is what happens when Morgan and Orion get paired together and people no longer bother to see them as two different characters anymore. However, I recently learnt that Morion is a little more than this.

I went to the Teyler's museum in the Netherlands some time ago, which is a museum about science and art in the 18th/19th/early 20th century (it's a beautiful place, you should see it). Guess what I bumped into there:

A big, shiny rock.

This stuff is called Morion! I never knew it was a type of gemstone (it's very dark smoky quartz), which is quite odd since I have quite a lot of rocks and minerals at my place - no Morion, though. And sorry for the poor quality of the image. My camera is a crap and didn't understand what it was supposed to take a picture of, so here is what the minerals are supposed to look like:

Orion is going to love this stuff. It even has his favourite colour! So unsurprisingly, I'll go on a quest to find a little piece of Morion for myself.

#personal #orion #morgan

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