My first published cover art

I am so excited about this news! In case you don't know: I am an artist who sometimes is open for commissions - like, once in a lifetime, because I have no time. Or a life. Anyhow, I've been hired to do cover art a couple of times, but due to random reasons I have no say in, none of that art made it to an actual cover.

Until now.

Jeffrey Pawlak contacted me for his book, the Echoes of Light, three years ago. Now, there is a real, printed version!

These are 'just' proofs, but they make me smile already. It's so odd, but so awesome, to see your work in the way it was made for. And to make it even better: The Echoes of Light is the first of a trilogy. Guess who made the covers of book 2 and 3...

Do you want to know how a cover gets created? Because honestly, it's not just giving your idea to an artist, only to wait until the art is done. Please visit Jeffrey's blog for a step-by-step overview of the development of this cover art!

​​​​​​​The Echoes of Light is a high fantasy story filled with wonderful creatures and powerful magic, fit for young adults, but well, I think every fantasy fan will enjoy it - at least I did. You can buy it on Amazon (kindle and paperback), start reading the first chapter here, or learn more about Jeffrey Pawlak, and follow the Echoes of Light via Facebook.

If you want to know more about the world of Echoes of Light, then check out this post.

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