Book cover of the month?

The anthology I worked on, a Fantasy Christmas: Tales from the Hearth, has entered book cover of the month contest for January! And to make it even better; it's in the top 10 at the moment I'm writing this. That's absolutely amazing and I'm honoured my cover art got this far, but the contest is not over yet. Maybe it can rise even higher!

The winners are decided by public vote. Who gets the most votes, wins. I'm not a huge fan of such a contest structure, as it usually means the author with the biggest following wins. That's definitely not me, haha! So yeah, I need you help here. I would be very happy if you hopped over to the site and vote for my cover. You can find it here:

Please note that you need an allauthor or facebook account to do this.

Thank you for your help! You're awesome!

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