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Holidays, festivals and hard work

It's quiet here, so time for a quick update. You might not believe it when you look at the weather of the last few weeks, but it really is summer. And that means vacation! Which also means that I haven't written much. I was too busy chilling at a campsite next to a small river in Luxembourg.

I didn't have to store the tent, since it was time for Castlefest soon after. This is a fantasy festival in Lisse, the Netherlands, with great music, costumed visitors and delicious food... And unfortunately, a lot of rain. I've been going to this festival for years, and in terms of weather, this was really the worst edition. My boyfriend and I slept at the festival campsite, and I'm glad our tent is waterproof. And windproof. The worst we had to deal with were some pegs that got pulled out of the soaked ground, but there were tents that were happily learning how to fly...

Fortunately, between the rain showers, the festival was an absolute party! Friday was dry enough for me to don my Lady Astra costume, the other days I wore "normal" clothes and took my dragon Juul with me. He has never received so much attention, haha! I made and traded trinkets - which is so much fun! It was a long weekend full of music, a burning wickerman, beautiful people, workshops and lectures.

And of course, Uitgeverij Zilverspoor was also there. That's the publisher for Sterrenduister/Stardark. Cocky, my editor and ZilverSupremeChief, had news for me: the editing process for Sterrenduister will start by the end of this month. Exciting stuff!

Do I also know when Stardark comes out? Uh, no. We're going to see how the editing goes and just take the time we need for the book. I'd rather take a little longer to get a nice end result than rush things. I'll keep you posted ;) Or you won't hear from me at all. In that case: knock on the door of my study and leave some food. After a few months I will leave that room all by myself. I hope.


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