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There and back again

It has been rather quiet here, so time to show you guys I am still alive.

I've been to Australia and New Zealand. Absolutely wonderful places! I had a great time there. 'Middle Earth' stood lonely at the top of my list of places I wanted to visit and it was more beautiful than I could imagine. I also 'bumped into' some of my characters over there. Morgan is a town, Keri (her sister) a juice brand and Orion a deodorant. I had to take that last one home, of course.

I can go into detail about my 'little' holiday, but I am still ploughing my way through all the photos I made. I want to finish that herculean task first. A story is much better when you have pictures that go with it, eh?

To stick to fantasy destinations: it was time for Castlefest. The Netherlands has quite a lot of fantasy festivals and Castlefest is a big one. So I dressed up in my bird lady gear, slightly altered because I was told it would be 23 degrees and sunny. That's Dutch for drizzle and grey. It wasn't that cold though, I survived. I did meet a wonderful artist there: Pia Sprong. Normally, I only see photographers taking pics of me and my boyfriend's costumes, but she made a drawing of us. How cool is that?

(we were not really standing on a tree. Don't even know how to climb one with my costume.)

Now, to get back to writing: I am making a little digital reading corner where you can read all the chapters of my story (when finished, of course) with comfy chairs, a nice fireplace, hot tea and everything. Digital and imaginary, of course. This way I can keep my chapters reasonably organised, but I can still share them with people who like to continue reading beyond chapter 4. Oh, and I was afraid my first publication rights would disappear otherwise, but I might have worried more than necessary (better safe than sorry though). How do you get there? Quite simple: just ask me and I'll share the link privately (having a DA account is a must though).

Also, I was thinking about making a series of posts about landscapes. How do certain landscapes form, where can you find them, how can you use them in the story, etc. You know, to give some ideas for the world builders out there. I am a geomorphologist after all, I study landscapes (geo = earth, morphology = study of shape). Sounds like a fun idea? What kind of landscapes do you want to know more about? Please don't say 'mountains'. That's more for the geology department. Geology is about processes inside the earth that builds our planet. Geomorphology is geology's highly destructive sibling that demolishes his brother's hard work. Erosion for the win.

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