November is coming! Meaning it's time for that dreadful, but oh-so productive event called NaNoWriMo. NaNo stands for National Novel Writing Month - don't ask why it's called national, the whole world participates in it. The idea is that participants write 50k words in November. And that's a lot...

I'll do this for the third time, but this year I'll go of an alternative wordcount: 10k. Why? Well, November is quite a busy month for me. I have a commission and contest entry I want to finish, and there is this Dutch festivity called Sinterklaas I need to craft something for - you might have heard of it, thanks to some discussions about Sinterklaas being racist (which, in my opinion, is not true). Anyway, your supposed to wrap presents in the most complicated, creative way imaginable, including a poem to go with it, and my hyper creative family has extremely high standards when it comes to this. So yeah, I should get started.

Another reason why I'm sticking to 10k is that I don't need a lot of words. I am almost done with draft 1 of my novel, and it's already hitting 250k. I don't need more words, I have plenty of them already!

What am I going to write then? Well, Selanji's arc can use some fleshing out. I have summaries and first drafts of her chapters, but they need to grow bigger.

If you are a NaNo-er as well, feel free to become buddies! You can find me here.

IIn other news: I am on Instagram now. Why? Well, at the moment it's just to see if I like it. Sounds like a great place to share my art and find that of others, after all. It's quick too, though also a bit shallow for the same reason. My preferred social media site is therefore still DeviantArt, and I am not planning to abandon it. I'll use DA for finished artwork, where I can talk about it in more detail - and of course, for posting stories; I haven't found a site yet that accepts both visual as written art. Instagram, on the other hand, will show WIPs of artwork too. If that sounds like fun, feel free to follow me. Let me know you did, I'll follow you back!

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