A short recap of Elfia

Photo by Original Cin

Remember when I said that I would cosplay Thranduil at Elfia? Well... I didn't. The weather was too warm for a costume made of yoga mats, so I went for something completely different: my Orion dress.

I have a character with the same name, but this isn't a cosplay. I don't think the character would wear a sparkly blue skirt... No, It's called the Orion dress because it has the constellation hidden in it. You have to look carefully, though, because I put so much feathers, beads, and other shiny things on it that the brooches that represent the stars aren't that visible anymore. I still have to find a photo that actually shows the constellation.

Elfia, a huge fantasy festival in the Netherlands, was wonderful as always. Great food, great costumes, great music, and most of all, great people. I even followed a little lecture about the origins of stories by Peter DeWillis, author of the Terra Fabula books (Dutch only, I'm afraid), and even though it was short, I learnt a lot. Too much to put it all on my blog without mixing things up, I'm afraid...

I worked pretty hard the week before Elfia to make a pair of matching flag poi for my costume. Poi are weights on a string you need to swing in circles, and the flag variety has - you've guessed it - flags attached to them. Mine were a little hard to spin, so my movements are wilder than they normally would be. And I apologise for the bad quality of the video, but it gives you an idea of what I looked like (the band playing in the background is called Cathubodua, by the way):

#elfia #costume #poi

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