Well, fuck.

I cut a tendon (actually, 1.75 tendons) in my right index finger. How? Because cake. So this cake of doom involved walnuts, and since the boyfriend does all the shopping, I asked him to bring some. He did. with nuts. We don't have a nutcracker. So what do you do? ask google for help. Google said it could be done with a knife. which is true and might even work better than a nutcracker, but yeah, it has its risks. after a moment of nearly fainting because I'm not that brave when it comes to my own cuts, the last joint of my finger couldn't bend and the whole finger had little strength. Surgery had to fix it, which was also a first for me. Happened yesterday. It went well (I'm pretty sure the boyfriend was more nervous) and now I have a brace to protect it.

Recovery takes long, though. I'm not allowed to use the hand much. it probably takes three months before the finger is 100% again. I type this one handed, which sucks. I'm a leftie, so I can still draw, but I'll not write much, so yeah, don't expect a lot of comments from me. Oh, and I'm not in pain at all. even the initial cut hardly hurt. But the anaesthetics give my fingers this pins and needles feeling that went on for almost a whole day! cheers, Pam/Queen of Eagles.

#tendon #finger #surgery #accident #walnut

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