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Chitchat, 'vote for me!' and interviews

It's been a bit quiet here. That's actually a good sign: the quieter I am online, the busier I am in real life. And I'm certainly busy! For example, I am still busy editing Sterrenduister - and we are far from finished. What doesn't really help is that my boyfriend and I have started house hunting. We're not in much of a hurry to move, but man, even then it still takes a lot of time. So if anyone wants to get rid of a nice spot with a garden near Deventer, let me know!

Book talk

I don't have time to write a blog at all. Fortunately, I can also communicate in another way: I will be a guest on About Books, a talk show about - guess what - books hosted by my publisher Zilverspoor. We will definitely talk about Sterrenduister (Stardark) then! And I'm going to tell a thing or two about geography when building fantasy/sci-fi worlds. Will you join me?

Oktober 18, 19:30 h on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. Beware! It's in Dutch!

Writing contests

I have participated in a number of writing competitions recently. One of these is the Fantastic Stories competition. And good news: my story, 'Fantastic pets and where to walk them', made the top five! Yay! The final winner will be announced at the Dutch Comic Con (November 18 and 19, Jaarbeurs Utrecht). You decide who will win! Readers can vote for their favourite story. The most popular one is the winner!

The Fantastic Stories competition is for Dutch and English stories. And yes, mine is in English. I prefer that language. Besides, I think that the writing style of my story would not have worked well in Dutch. I'm not alone: all five finalists are in English! Pretty surprising result.

So what's the story about? Dogs! And cats! And fantasy animals. That will make everyone happy, right?

You can find the stories here. It includes the link for votes:


Yep, I've been interviewed! And not once, but twice! That was really fun to do. So if you want to know which word I associate with the letter Q or what's wrong with my left little finger, go here:

Beware, both interviews are in Dutch!

Have fun reading the short story and the interviews! Until next time!


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