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New adventures

Look at that, this place isn't quite dead yet. I'm sorry for not sharing updates, life got a little busy. A lot has happened since my last blog post. Most importantly, this:

I won a writing contest and got a publishing contract! For a Dutch manuscript, of all things.

'But Pam/Queenie, you don't even like Dutch.'

Quite right. This novel wasn't planned at all. I'll tell you all about it, but for that, this website needed quite an upgrade. It might not look that different, but look at the top right corner... It now comes in two languages! Hooray! And of course, I made some room for my new novel.

The novel is called Sterrenduister, or Stardark in English, and follows the struggles of an astronomer who discovers the sun is dying... But no one wants to listen to her warnings. The publisher and I haven't set on a publishing date yet, but we aim for the second half of 2023. I'll tell you all about the book in the next couple of months, - hence why this blog is back from the dead. And yes, this blog will also appear in two languages from now on (my older posts will be available in English only). Have you already signed up for my newsletter? Then you will receive a message when there is something new to read on my site. That message is in English, because I don't want to flood my subscribers' mailboxes with one in Dutch, but you can find my blog in both languages online.

Well, so far for the housekeeping notes. I hope you will join me on this stellar journey!


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