On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

five magic rings,

four tarot cards,

three sneaky rogues,

two leather gloves,

and a dragon in fir tree!

There is this great, supportive group of writers on facebook I'm part of, and we decided that it would be great if we put our hands together to create a fantasy anthology. After a few months of hard work, it's here! A Fantasy Christmas is now available on Amazon. Besides writing one of the stories, I also did the cover, so it's double exciting for me! I hope you like it!

My story is set in a world where trees walk and have a mind of their own, which makes gardening a tad difficult. Old Marro, however, is determined to become the best gardener ever, but the trees he's after aren't exactly cooperative. A tiny little silver spruce teaches him what is truly important - and accidentally starts a very famous Christmas tradition.

This perfect gift for Christmas is available here. Your life is not complete without it, I swear!


and, as a bonus, have a two-part author interview including not-always-serious answers by yours truly!

Part 1: www.aawarne.com/post/a-fantasy… Part 2:www.aawarne.com/post/a-fantasy…

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