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Time to leave!

Today is the day... My friend and I will get the keys of our new house! Yes, we have bought a home. So fellow house-seeking millennials, don't give up hope yet. Miracles still exist.

This is our 'castle': a corner house in Warnsveld. The house is well maintained, but never left the 70's behind. The photos say enough...

Secretly I am happy with that interior, because if there is something I find even uglier than a design from the 70s, it is a sleek, modern box with an open kitchen and handle-free doors... We aim for a medieval look. So yeah, if you have to change things anyway, better do it with something that's far from new. And there is plenty to do: we want to change the bathroom, install underfloor heating, enlarge the bedroom, remove the closets and install a new floor.

The coming weeks will therefore be filled with paint, laminate floors and bathroom tiles. As a result, I'll have less time for edting Sterrenduister/Stardark. I once said my site, very hopefully, that the novel would be released in August 2023, but yeah, we know how that went... We're just going to take the time the story needs. I prefer a good book with a delay over something that has clearly been rushed and crushed between packing boxes. The editing has been idle the last couple of months, but that is changing: Natascha van Limpt takes over the editorial work from Cocky to giver her a little more breathing space. I am very curious what the differences will be between the two!

In terms of editing, there may not be much progress, but I have been busy with the book in other ways! Illustrations will be added to the book. I have already shared the map once before, but the chapter titles will also be decorated and there are a number of drawings. Have a preview:

It's the Goddess from Stardark, and she smiles at us all! (cough cough).

So much for this blog post. I dare not say when you will hear from me again, that will depend entirely on how well the house renovation goes. So if it becomes a bit quiet here, you'll now know why.

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16 de fev.

Congrats Pammy! I do hope you keep us updated.


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