The World


The place is not that different compared to ours. The stars are the same, the weather is just as awful and even some of the languages feel familiar. But if you pay attention, you will encounter magic, right around the corner. Then you'll see a world with odd races, funny traditions, powerful religions and wonderful people. And a lot of sand, because a certain someone happens to like that stuff a lot...



I've made a 'little' guide that should help you to get a better understanding of the world of aSoE. It consists of a number of chapters, involving geography, creatures, religion, history, languages and magic.


The guide can be found only on my DeviantArt page, because it is a document that is very much alive; I will add or change stuff when I come up with something new and interesting. When I'm more or less done with worldbuilding, I'll add its chapters to this website.


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