A picture is worth a thousand words.



Sometimes I draw my stories. I do not do that often, since it takes such a long time to finish a comic, even a short one. The stories here are not part of the main story of aSoE, but do show a spoiler or two. You have been warned!




















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Size matters


A great thanks to everyone who gave me tips and advice about making comics! I've never done this before - well, except for some foolish attempts during childhood, those do not count. 

So a comic without line art? Yep, because I don't get lines. You'll get brush strokes and textures instead. It's my style, lineart just doesn't work for me.


Size matters


Break a leg

This happened after I drew this and posted it on DeviantArt. A special thanks to Moltenkitty for turning Orion in a mummy, and sparking the rest of the idea!


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